Weird things you see in Ghana

Two men and a goat…on a bike…on a highway.
It’s just a camel walking along a residential neighborhood.
Just a camel on a busy road.
Another view of the camel.
The camel again.

As someone who is originally from Ghana, I really shouldn’t be surprised by the things I see. I mean, Ghanaians are the world’s friendliest people, but you sure do see some weird things there. Maybe it’s because I no longer live there, but every time I visit, I see some new oddity. Things that make you laugh or say “hmmm”!


The Best Beach in the World

If you want to lay on the best beach in the world, try Shoal Bay Beach in Anguilla. I know others may have their idea of what the best beach in the world is, but to me, Shoal Bay Beach is the best. I don’t even need to say much, just check out the pictures below.

Paris – The City of Light


Paris is my favorite places to visit. I try to make it to Paris – even if for a few days – every year. There’s nothing better I like to do when in Paris, than to take a walk at night. They don’t call it the “City of Light”/”La Ville-Lumière” for nothing! It is simply breathtaking! Everything is bathed in a glorious, romantic light. The Eiffel Tower even puts on a 5-minute light show every hour on the hour, from sunset until 1am. Can you tell I’m in love with Paris? I can’t wait to go again this year.